To operate a real crane one day: That was the fervent wish of Mario Müller, which Prangl and Kleine Zeitung were delighted to fulfil.


Within the framework of the “Make a wish!” campaign run by Kleine Zeitung, the fervent wish of nine-year-old Mario Müller became a reality. The youngster longed to take a seat alongside the operator in a Prangl crane.


“Ever since he was three, Mario has shown an interest in large goods vehicles. His role model is his father, who operates loader cranes for a construction company. Every time we drive past Prangl on the motorway Mario tells me to look to my right, because he will be working there at some point”, explains his mother Monika.


The team at Prangl’s Steiermark depot were delighted to perform the role of Father Christmas and invited the primary school pupil and his family to an extended site visit.


The day became particularly exciting for Mario during a tour of the vehicle fleet. Almost like a pro, the small and bright nine-year-old technology enthusiast operated a 70-ton mobile crane with great concentration and shining eyes, and skilfully lifted a car tyre over a construction site cone and into its intended location after just a few attempts.


As the visit came to a close, little Mario was gifted an exclusive model of the 70-ton mobile crane, true to the original, as a special reminder of his adventure. Who knows, perhaps we will be seeing him again in a few years time. The Prangl team is certainly already looking forward to receiving Mario’s application as a trainee or crane operator.


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