PSG – articulating boom lifts


As articulating boom lifts have a large dead weight, they do not require support jibs and therefore offer total mobility. The joint construction of the boom enables projecting edges to be negotiated with ease. Articulating boom lifts with a lower dead weight and electric drive are available for indoor use. Our large and diverse vehicle fleet gives you all the freedom you need. 

Boom lift

working height



PSG 120E11,95 m200 kg7,00 m
PSG 130E13,50 m215 kg6,10 m
PSG 150E15,00 m200 kg7,60 m
PSG 170E16,90 m200 kg8,30 m
PSG 160D16,01 m230 kg14,80 m
PSG 180D17,30 m230 kg10,60 m
PSG 200D20,00 m230 kg12,00 m
PSG 210D20,65 m230 kg13,50 m
PSG 260D25,60 m230 kg16,20 m
PSG 430D43,15 m272 kg21,26 m

General data sheet PSG – Articulating Boom Lifts

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