special work platforms


We have an extensive range of equipment that can be used in difficult access situations. This equipment can be used both indoors and outside. Whether you require lightweight equipment or you need the equipment to be particularly maneuverable, we have the right equipment for every access situation. For most equipment types, we will provide, for example, crawler tracks to ensure an extremely low load on the floor. Slopes or steps can also be negotiated without a problem. Our large and diverse vehicle fleet gives you all the freedom you need. 


working height



PM 10010,00 m200 kg3,00 m
PM 11011,00 m210 kg2,50 m 
PM 12012,00 m210 kg2,50 m 
PST-K 22022,30 m230 kg17,30 m
PSR 22022,00 m200 kg11,80 m 
PSAK 18018,30 m200 kg 8,50 m

General data sheet PM - Special Work Platforms

General data sheet PST-K - Special Work Platforms

General data sheet PSR - Special Work Platforms

General data sheet PSAK - Special Work Platforms

The data sheets provided are intended only as an overview. For more precise technical information, please contact your contact person, one of our branches or use the contact form. 


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