Our range encompasses a variety of mobile telescopic cranes for combined road and on-site use. They all use the most modern mobile crane technology and are characterised by their compact size, maneuverability, versatility and speed.

Type of



system length

PTK 3535 t30,0 m45,0 m
PTK 3535 t30,4 m45,4 m
PTK 3535 t37,4 m45,4 m
PTK 4545 t34,0 m49,2 m
PTK 4545 t34,0 m50,0 m
PTK 5050 t38,0 m54,0 m
PTK 5050 t38,6 m54,6 m
PTK 5555 t43,0 m58,0 m
PTK 5555 t40,0 m56,0 m
PTK 6060 t40,2 m56,2 m
PTK 6060 t42,0 m59,0 m
PTK 6565 t44,0 m60,0 m
PTK 7070 t50,0 m66,0 m
PTK 80 80 t48,0 m67,0 m
PTK 8080 t50,0 m67,6 m
PTK 9595 t58,0 m77,0 m
PTK 9595 t60,0 m77,0 m
PTK 100100 t50,2 m83,2 m
PTK 120120 t60,0 m93,0 m
PTK 130130 t60,0 m92,2 m
PTK 130130 t60,0 m92,0 m
PTK 160160 t62,0 m96,6 m
PTK 160160 t63,9 m95,9 m
PTK 200200 t60,0 m96,0 m
PTK 200200 t67,8 m100,0 m
PTK 200200 t72,0 m103,3 m
PTK 220220 t68,0 m105,0 m
PTK 250250 t72,0 m108,5 m
PTK 300300 t59,0 m115,8 m
PTK 300300 t80,0 m120,0 m
PTK 350350 t70,0 m140,5 m 
PTK 500500 t56,0 m145,8 m
PTK 1000-501 000 t50,0 m163,3 m
PTK 1000-1001 000 t100,0 m163,3 m

The data sheets provided are intended only as an overview. For more precise technical information, please contact your contact person, one of our branches or use the contact form.


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