Our way of saying thank you

How can we continue to write the success story of a company over decades?
With a strong brand promise to our customers and an excellent team of employees. Because it is these people who have the innovative capacity, creativity and specialist competence with which we sustain our position on the market. With the formats of our employer brand “Be Prangl”, we give a daily thank you back to our employees.

  • Work-life balance
  • Fringe benefits
  • Further development
  • Attractive remuneration

“Nine to five” was so yesterday. We live in the here and now and look to the future.

Humane working conditions

We therefore always strive to design our work flexibly and to adjust it individually according to the needs of our customers and employees.

Our flexible working model provides the best conditions for meeting the requirements of the different departments and simultaneously meeting the needs of our employees.

I find our anniversaries and our flexible working time module the best because I can achieve a good balance this way.
Alexandra FleischerHSEQ-Management

Our employees’ wellbeing is important to us. We don’t just say it but we also show it with attractive fringe benefits:

Mobile working

We offer our employees - after consultation with their supervisor - the option of working remotely or from home 2x per week.

Discounted lunch

We offer lunch at attractive employee prices at our larger locations. Employees at smaller locations receive financial support. 

Fresh fruit

As the health of our employees is a matter that is close to our hearts, we provide you with fruit free of charge.

Parking spaces

You can save your nerves and time early in the morning with us: with parking spaces on the company premises, there’s time for more important things. 

Discounted fuel

After one year of service, you can benefit from discounts on private use of our company refuelling facilities (diesel).

Two additional days of leave

As a family business, the 24th and 31st December are very important to us. We therefore give our employees these days off as a gift to spend time with their families.

Employee card

With our employee card you have access to exclusive special conditions and attractive additional benefits. These encompass a great variety of product and service groups.

Pharmacy orders from the office

Once per month, employees can order items that do not require a prescription as part of a collective order with a pharmacy.

Free vaccinations

Our employees’ health is of vital importance to us. With our regular and free vaccination campaigns directly in the office, we believe in prevention.

Joint activities

We support works’ outings, skiing days and other entertaining activities.

Family Days

Partners and children are welcome! Once per year, we open our doors for a culinary and active day with our families in the company.

Sport and health

Get into your sports clothes after work: whether you’re doing cool workouts in our depots or taking part in running events, the Prangl team will be there!

Regular drivers’ get-togethers

“People come together when talking”. We promote team spirit and social get-togethers during our regular drivers’ get-togethers in all depots.

Work clothes

We provide our drivers and workshop employees with a great range of work clothes and even take care of cleaning them.

Welcome package

Each new team member receives a specially-assembled and personal starter package based on their individual function when they start work at our company.


With our flexitime model for employees, we provide the best conditions for balancing work and private life.

Education and development campus

You never stop learning! With our diverse training program, our employees have the opportunity to continuously expand their knowledge.

Young Member Day

We welcome our new employees to the company by holding a welcome day. Here they get to know our departments and colleagues.
Our voluntary fringe benefits provide the optimum framework for successful work and cooperation that is lived.
Martin Wolfsgruber-StügerBack office sales manager

The Prangl education and development campus: Our company combines a wide range of know-how under one roof

Experience and knowledge transfer

Expertise, demanding and outstanding projects: our treasure trove of experience and competence grows every day. In our education and development campus, we collect this knowledge and pass it on to our team.

Our training sessions are mainly performed by in-house specialists who are qualified trainers in adult education in addition to their technical competence.

Career and personal development

The education and development campus is open to our employees for their career and personal development. 

Our training offering is rounded off by a range of further training topics in which we make use of the offerings from external knowledge carriers and institutes. The training available in our education and development campus is presented once per year in our “Training offering” course book. Our employees can register for training sessions, particularly during their annual reviews but also during the year as well, and therefore follow their own personal development paths.

I find our education and development campus brilliant. Everyone can find the right personal training session offering here.
Markus PasseggerMobile crane driver

Our company always strives to ensure that all employees feel good and find the best conditions to let their creativity run wild, and to follow their own personal career paths.

Earn money

We value dedication and performance very highly. Each employee in our company is a witness and companion in our success story. We are convinced that all parties should contribute to this economical development. The company should be healthy but of course, its employees should also feel good as well.

Career jumps

If you climb the career ladder, your salary also grows with you. That’s because changing to a higher position also changes your personal rating automatically and therefore the calculation basis for your salary.

Climbing the career ladder

If you wish to climb the career ladder, we are more than happy to support you in this. We support inquisitiveness, inventiveness and the desire to make ourselves better every single day. In order to keep integration of positions transparent and consistent at all times, we have depicted all function levels that could occur in our company in an organisational chart.

Our compensation system is fair and transparent in all regards and mirrors the performance of every individual.
Katrin FeichtlBack office manager

Behind the scenes

Our employees take you on a journey into their professional daily routine with Prangl. Let’s be inspired!

We design the future!

Dive into the fascination of our company and take a look at our exciting fields of application. Our short video allows you to see the world through our eyes for a few minutes and provides you with an initial overview of our range of jobs.

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