PST – Telescopic boom lifts

As telescopic work platforms have a large dead weight, they do not require support jibs and therefore offer total mobility. The hydraulic telescopic boom enables quick access speeds and therefore increased work productivity. Our large and diverse vehicle fleet gives you all the freedom you need.

Data sheets

Boom lift typeManufacturer designationMaximum working heightCapacityHorizontal reachDownload
PST 140DH 14 TX14.07 m230 kg10.60 mDownload
PST 150DH 16 TPX15.44 m230 kg12.30 mDownload
PST 210DH 21 TX20.80 m230 kg17.20 mDownload
PST 230DH 23 TPX22.60 m230 kg19.50 mDownload
PST 230DHT 23 RTJ PRO22.50 m450 kg18.30 mDownload
PST 250DH 25 TPX25.00 m250 kg17.50 mDownload
PST 280DS8527.90 m227 kg23.32 mDownload
PST 280DHT 28 RTJ PRO27.90 m350 kg23.85 mDownload
PST 280D280 TJ27.75 m350 kg21.45 mDownload
PST 280D860 SJ28.21 m230 kg22.86 mDownload
PST 340DS10534.00 m227 kg24.38 mDownload
PST 400DS12540.15 m227 kg24.38 mDownload
PST 430D1350 SJP43.30 m230 kg24.38 mDownload
PST 430DH 43 TPX 42.20 m230-450 kg19.40 mDownload
PST 430DHT 43 RTJ PRO42.20 m450 kg20.20 mDownload


The data sheets provided are intended only as an overview. For more precise technical information, please contact your contact person, one of our branches or use the contact form.


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