PHS – Forklift trucks

Our forklift trucks can be used in various ways for horizontal transport, goods handling and loading/unloading. Pollutant-free electric drive and abrasion-free tires mean these trucks can be used flexibly both inside and outside. For larger outdoor plans, 4-wheel drive diesel forklift trucks are particularly good. Our large and diverse vehicle fleet gives you all the freedom you need.

Data sheets PHS Electric

Forklift truck typeManufacturer designationMaximum lifting heightCapacityWidthDownload
PHS 16ERX 20-164.32 - 5.22 m1.600 kg1.10 mDownload
PHS 20ERX 20-20 P4.76 - 5.06 m2.000 kg1.15 mDownload
PHS 20EEFG 3204.50 m2.000 kg1.12 mDownload
PHS 25EEFG 425k3.69 m2.500 kg1.20 mDownload
PHS 25ERX 60-254.44 - 5.53 m2.500 kg1.20 mDownload
PHS 30EEFG 430 SP3.80 m3.000 kg1.20 mDownload
PHS 30ERX 60-304.44 - 6.04 m3.000 kg1.20 mDownload
PHS 35EEFG 5354.70 m3.500 kg1.34 mDownload
PHS 35ERX 60-355.08 - 6.64 m3.500 kg1.20 - 1.30 mDownload
PHS 50EEFG 5504.18 m5.000 kg1.45 mDownload
PHS 50ERX 60-505.08 - 5.38 m5.000 kg1.40 mDownload


Data sheets PHS Diesel


Forklift truck typeManufacturer designationMaximum lifting heightCapacityWidthDownload
PHS 25DRX 70-254.44 - 6.04 m2.500 kg1.20 mDownload
PHS 30DDFG 4303.68 m3.000 kg1.30 mDownload
PHS 30DRX 70-304.59 - 6.04 m3.000 kg1.20 mDownload
PHS 35DDFG 435s4.50 m3.500 kg1.32 mDownload
PHS 35DRX 70-353.27 - 5.69 m3.500 kg1.20 mDownload
PHS 45DDFG 5454.53 m4.500 kg1.45 mDownload
PHS 45DRX 70-455.98 m4.500 kg1.38 mDownload
PHS 50DDFG 5504.43 m5.000 kg1.45 mDownload
PHS 50DRX 70-503.18 - 5.08 m5.000 kg1.38 mDownload
PHS 70DDFG 6705.0 m7.000 kg1.82 mDownload
PHS 90DDFG 6904.50 m9.000 kg2.00 mDownload


The data sheets provided are intended only as an overview. For more precise technical information, please contact your contact person, one of our branches or use the contact form.


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