September 2021

District heating plant

The northern district heating plant of the St. Pöltner Fernwärme company is investing 8.3 million Euros on more efficient energy recovery.
City:St. Pölten
Date:13.09.2021 – 16.09.2021
Sales:Wolfgang Weihs

The challenge

Limited space

The introduction of new systems into existing production units is usually associated with spatial restrictions. Special equipment is sought after in such jobs!

Our solution


The new hot water boiler and the two new saturated steam boilers make it possible to reach a total heating power of approx. 60,000 kW. These boilers replace the outdated high-pressure steam boilers, some of which have been in operation for almost 50 years. At the beginning, boilers had to be lifted onto the special equipment of Prangl. A 350-tonne telescopic crane was used to lift the three containers individually onto the self-propelled heavy duty combination. The hot water boiler was the heaviest part at 90.6 tonne.


Sometimes it is not the transport route that defines the heavy-duty transport vehicle but the situation at the destination. It was not possible to operate with a “conventional” heavy-duty transport train because the entrance to the northern district heating plant was too narrow. However this narrow passage could be overcome with ease using a 10-axle, self-propelled heavy-duty trailer. At 4.6 metres high, the hot water boiler was once again the greatest challenge - especially when it came to driving beneath power lines. With the hot water boiler in the back, the “self-propelled trailer” weighed in at around 118 tonnes.


The experts at Prangl were able to impressively demonstrate the concept of “Everything from a single source” upon completion of the new hall. Prangl was able to cover all the logistics from loading and road haulage, to placement using special machines. Focus quickly turned to alternative placement solutions during the planning process. As a compact and strong lifting device, only the PHP 63 hydraulic lifting gantry was worth considering. The last metre up to the final position was overcome using forklift trucks and heavy-duty rollers. Modern technology not only in energy recoverybut also on the way there.

Compact and manoeuvrable, we are also proficient in these disciplines!
Wolfgang WeihsProject management


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