PLK – Loader cranes

Loader cranes are loading equipment mounted on commercial vehicles. Both HGVs and tractor units with loader cranes are available for transporting and lifting cargo. For situations where space is tight, they can also be fitted with a hydraulic articulated arm, called a “jib”.

Data sheets

Type of craneEcoManufacturer designationMaximum loadMaximum system lengthArticulated armDownload
PLK 22-PK 22002-EH20.20 mt17.10 mNo-
PLK 34-PK 34002-SH31.60 mt25.40 mYesDownload
PLK 42-PK 42002-SH40.20 mt26.30 mYesDownload
PLK 53-PK 53002-SH49.30 mt29.10 mYesDownload
PLK 65-PK 65002-SH60.90 mt30.90 mYesDownload
PLK 72-PK 7200268.00 mt27.10 mYesDownload
PLK 78-PK 78002-SH73.90 mt28.70 mYesDownload
PLK 85-PK 8500277.60 mt30.50 mYesDownload
PLK 92-PK 92002-SH85.50 mt32.80 mYesDownload
PLK 100-PK 100002G88.30 mt32.10 mYesDownload
PLK 175-1750-8L117.15 mt40.79 mYesDownload


The data sheets provided are intended only as an overview. For more precise technical information, please contact your contact person, one of our branches or use the contact form.


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