PTS - Telehandlers

Telehandlers are an ideal solution for handling materials on a building site. Their variable loading capacities mean they can be used in a variety of ways. Some telescopic handlers, depending on the type and model, are particularly suitable for working in confined spaces. Our telehandlers are available with a rigid or rotating chassis. A comprehensive range of add-on equipment increases the flexibility of these handlers and enables adaptation to your field and use. Our large and diverse vehicle fleet gives you all the freedom you need.

Data sheets PTS Electric

Telehandler typeEcoManufacturer designationMaximum lifting heightCapacityMaximum reachDownload
PTS 25.6 525-60 E6,00 m2.500 kg3,50 mDownloadVideo


Data sheets PTS Diesel


Telehandler typeEcoManufacturer designationMaximum lifting heightCapacityMaximum reachDownload
PTS 12.4-T 45.125.21 m1.250 kg0.54 mDownload
PTS 25.6-MT 6255.85 m2.500 kg3.40 mDownload
PTS 25.6-P 25.65.90 m2.500 kg3.30 mDownload
PTS 26.6-P 26.65.98 m2.600 kg3.21 mDownload
PTS 27.6-P 27.66.10 m2.700 kg3.50 mDownload
PTS 30.9-TF 30.9 G8.60 m3.000 kg5.70 mDownload
PTS 32.6-P 32.6 L6.40 m3.200 kg3.40 mDownload
PTS 33.7-TF 33.7 LG6.60 m3.300 kg3.50 mDownload
PTS 36.10-P 36.109.70 m3.600 kg6.20 mDownload
PTS 38.10-TF 38.10 TTG9.50 m3.800 kg6.30 mDownload
PTS 38.13-P 38.1312.60 m3.800 kg8.60 mDownload
PTS 40.9-P 40.99.00 m4.000 kg5.20 mDownload
PTS 40.13-P 40.1312,50 m4.000 kg8,74 mDownload
PTS 40.14-MT 1440 H13.53 m4.000 kg9.38 mDownload
PTS 40.17-4017 RS17,10 m4.000 kg12,50 mDownload
PTS 40.17-P 40.1716.70 m4.000 kg12.50 mDownload
PTS 40.18-MT 1840 H17.50 m4.000 kg13.17 mDownload
PTS 60.8-MHT 8608.10 m6.000 kg4.80 mDownload
PTS 60.10-P 60.10 K9.55 m6.000 kg5.50 mDownload
PTS 72.10-P 72.109.55 m7.200 kg5.50 mDownload
PTS 120.10-P 120.10 HM9.80 m12.000 kg5.10 mDownload


Data sheets PTS-R Diesel


Telehandler typeEcoManufacturer designationMaximum lifting heightCapacityMaximum reachDownload
PTS-R 38.16-Roto 38.1615.74 m3.800 kg12.98 mDownload
PTS-R 40.16-Roto 40.1615.80 m4.000 kg13.10 mDownload
PTS-R 40.18-MRT 1840 Easy17.90 m4.000 kg15.10 mDownload
PTS-R 40.18-Roto 40.1817.70 m4.000 kg15.00 mDownload
PTS-R 45.16-MRT 1645 Vision15,80 m4.500 kg13,50 mDownload
PTS-R 45.18-MRT 1845 Vision18,00 m4.500 kg15,20 mDownload
PTS-R 45.21-Roto 45.21 MCSS20.80 m4.500 kg17.80 mDownload
PTS-R 50.21-MRT 2150 P20.60 m5.000 kg18.10 mDownload
PTS-R 50.21-Roto 50.2121.00 m4.950 kg17.90 mDownload
PTS-R 60.22-MRT 2260 Vision21,80 m6.000 kg18,20 mDownload
PTS-R 60.24-Roto 60.24 MCSS24.00 m6.000 kg20.00 mDownload
PTS-R 60.30-MRT 3060 Vision29,90 m6.000 kg25,70 mDownload


The data sheets provided are intended only as an overview. For more precise technical information, please contact your contact person, one of our branches or use the contact form.


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