PRK - Crawler cranes

We have lattice boom cranes with caterpillar track systems in our vehicle fleet for special lifting tasks. Very heavy loads can be lifted sky-high without a problem. What makes crawler cranes special is that they can move even when loaded. The optimal positioning of the load to be lifted is made even easier in this way.

Data sheets

Type of craneEcoManufacturer designationMaximum loadMain boomMaximum system lengthDownload
PRK 280-LR 1280280 t119.1 m150.1 mDownload
PRK 400-CC 2400-1400 t126.0 m168.0 mDownload
PRK 600-CC 2800-1600 t138.0 m180.0 mDownload
PRK 650-CC 3800-1650 t171.0 m192.0 mDownload


The data sheets provided are intended only as an overview. For more precise technical information, please contact your contact person, one of our branches or use the contact form.


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