December 2023

Heavy-duty press

Prangl Slovenia dealt with the port handling and heavy transport of a press for stamping parts for the automotive industry.
City:Koper – Brežice
Date:08.12.2023 – 19.12.2023
Sales:Damir Kralj

The challenge

155 tonnes in weight and 21 metres outreach

The task for the Prangl team was: Unloading the press from the ocean-going vessel at the port of Koper, port handling and transporting the parts from the port to the construction site in Brežice, around 200 kilometres away. The lifting parameters were the challenge: 155 tonnes net weight of the heaviest component with an operating radius of 21 metres for the mobile crane.

Our solution

Selecting the perfect equipment

Selecting the right machines for lifting and transport was essential for successful project completion. Choosing the right type of crane was difficult because the crane had to be able to lift the components off the ship economically. The 600 tonne lattice boom crane proved to be the perfect solution: This can lift an enormous weight and had enough capacity to handle the unloading. A 130 tonne telescopic crane was used to erect the large crane. For road transport, 4-axle tractor units with modular 14-axle heavy-duty combinations and 3-axle tractor units with 3-axle and 7-axle semi-trailers were used.

600 tonne lattice boom crane

The 600-tonne lattice boom crane was transported in advance from the Prangl headquarters in Vienna to the port of Koper. A total of nine parts of the pressing machine had to be unloaded from the ship. The individual weights of the components were between 50 and 155 tonnes. The largest component measured 9.90 x 4.97 x 3.75 metres, the smallest 5.20 x 2.00 x 3.50 metres. The Prangl team and the lattice boom crane did a perfect job. The components were gradually loaded onto the waiting lorries - the heaviest parts weighing 155, 151 and 138 tonnes were loaded onto the 4-axle tractor units with 14-axle heavy-duty combination.

Coordination of route logistics

After loading the components onto the lorries, the convoy made its way to the construction site in Brežice. The route, which was around 200 kilometres long, had to be meticulously checked for suitability in advance. This was because coordinating the entire logistics on this route was a major challenge for these heavy-duty transports. In addition to the route, many other aspects had to be taken into account - such as organising third-party escort vehicles or the required police escort. It was also necessary to ensure that traffic signs were removed and railway crossing wires lifted where necessary.

Successfully reaching the destination thanks to teamwork

Good preparation in advance ensured that the transport went off without any major incidents despite the difficult conditions. And this despite the fact that the height limit on the route was 4.62 metres and the highest heavy-duty transporter was 4.60 metres high. However, the two centimetre difference in height was enough to overcome this hurdle - very carefully, of course. The cooperation of all those involved was excellent and all components reached their destination in Brežice on time and undamaged.

Where others see a challenge, we see the road to success.
Damir KraljProject Manager


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