February 2023

Bicycle bridge

The lifting of a cycle bridge in Medvode by the Prangl team completed the construction of a six-kilometre cycle path.
Date:01.02.2023 – 03.02.2023
Sales:Branko Bračič
Marko Hadjar

The challenge

Bridge building of a special kind

A new cycle path in Slovenia is going to provide more safety. The 2.2 million euro project for the municipality of Medvode - supported by the European Regional Development Fund - has now finally been completed: At the confluence of the Sore and Sava rivers, the yellow specialists carried out the lifting and moving of a bridge for bicycles over the Sava river.

Our solution

Completion of the cycle path

The Medvode - Pirniče - Vikrče cycle path begins in Vikrče on the border with the municipality of Ljubljana and leads first to Pirniče. It then goes down to the Sava and along the river towards Medvode. The municipality of Medvode has now completed the cycle path, which is just over 6 kilometres long in total, with the construction of a bridge for bicycles across the Sava River between the library and the municipal hall into the centre of the village. Including the ascent and descent, the bridge is 138 metres long. Preparations for its construction started as early as February 2022. Exactly one year later, with the help of Prangl, it was done.

600 tonne lattice boom crane

In order to protect nature and avoid encroaching on the Sava riverbed, the designers opted not to build a bridge support in the middle. The 61-tonne bicycle bridge, for example, consists of a single 83-metre-long component that had to be lifted into place. Choosing the right units is always the basis for the success of such complex lifting projects. The optimal solution in this case: a 600 tonne lattice boom crane with a main boom of 84 metres and a total weight of 570 tonnes. Because this crane is not only strong enough, but also enables quick assembly and disassembly.

Lifting and relocation

In addition to the lattice boom crane, a 95 tonne telescopic crane with a main boom of 60 metres and an articulating boom lift with a 20 metre working height, 230 kg load capacity and 12 metre lateral reach also acted as assistants. With great care, the mobile cranes were positioned, the bridge carefully lifted and then raised to its final position. After that, the fitters were able to get to work and fix the bridge in place. Thanks to the professionalism of the Prangl team, the job was completed to the utmost satisfaction of the customers.

Whether the bridges are made of steel, wood or concrete, we connect people with them.
Branko BračičSales / Consulting


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