December 2017

Biomass power plant

Prangl contributed to the erection of a biomass power plant in Croatia with multiple machines.
City:Grubišno Polje
Date:August 2017 – December 2017
Sales:Hrvoje Kalmar

The challenge

Prangl's special equipment is in demand

Around 34 million euros are being invested in a new biomass plant in the Croatian town of Grubišno Polje. The plant is scheduled to go into operation at the end of 2018 and should then produce five megawatts of electricity and 6.5 megawatts of heat. Prangl was exclusively responsible for supplying all lifting equipment for the project, and was present on-site with multiple machines.

Our solution

350-tonne mobile crane at the heart of all lifting work

Also there: 35, 100 and 120-tonne telescopic cranes, 2x 18-metre and 3x 26-metre aerial work platforms and 5-tonne telehandlers. However, the heart was the 350-tonne mobile crane. It was used to lift the 32-tonne roof of the rotary kiln. The roof with a diameter of 11.5 metres was assembled outside the plant. It was subsequently transported to the loading point by HGV, where it was lifted with the large crane (with a lateral radius of 21 metres). This meant there was no requirement to dismantle the fence and perform unnecessary, time-consuming disassembly and assembly work.

Excellent cross-border cooperation

Prangl acted here as a supplier to the general contractor and was therefore responsible for the coordination of all sub-contractors in this regard. Furthermore, the entire Prangl team was also outstanding due to its excellent cross-border cooperation, with Prangl employees from Croatia, Slovenia and Austria ultimately all working on the construction site. It’s therefore not necessary to mention that the work was performed to the full satisfaction of all involved ...

Although Prangl is yellow, sometimes we are green. Again Prangl participated in a renewable energy project.
Hrvoje KalmarSales / Consulting


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