September 2019

Stössingbach bridge

When lifting heavy railway bridge support structures in and out, the precision of the Prangl experts was once again required.
Date:August 2019 – October 2019
Sales:Franz List

The challenge

Renovation of a railway bridge

Central to the comprehensive repair and renovation works on the Stössingbach Bridge was the removal of the existing steel structures and the installation of modern new steel structures. During this period, the rail operations took place on just a single track. It was for exactly this reason that not only technical but also timing precision was essential.

Our solution

High flexibility thanks to the Prangl fleet

A 400 ton crawler crane was originally planned. Due to the change in framework conditions and the resultant higher utilisation level, it was ultimately necessary to revert to a 650 ton crawler crane. Thanks to the large and comprehensive fleet, this change at quick notice was no problem for Prangl. The giant was brought onto the construction site with 30 HGVs. When fully assembled, it weighed in at 535 tons. Also in use was one 220 ton and one 80 ton telescopic crane, as well as a telehandler.

Hard lifting overnight

Due to the tight spatial conditions, it was necessary to convert and adapt a neighbouring BMX track and a beach volleyball court into a crane parking area. Once again here, the experts from Prangl were involved from the outset. In order to avoid excessive interruption to the rail traffic, there was a fixed time window (00:00 to 06:00 hrs) during which the tracks were closed on both sides. Such night-time manoeuvres always require particular alertness on the part of the crane operator. An added complication was that the bridge segments had to be lifted over the peak current lines.

Prangl confirmed to be a bridge expert

It was not just the precise pre-planning but also the great experience of the Prangl team that ensured that the work was completed seamlessly: The old parts were successfully lifted out and the new, 54 ton heavy and 26 metre long steel elements were precisely lifted in. Once again, Prangl has successfully demonstrated its skills as a “bridge specialist”.

Ingenious people start great works, diligent people complete them.
Stefan JahnScheduling


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