May 2023

Wind turbines

A new wind farm has been constructed in Alibunar (Serbia). The specialists from Prangl ensured that everything went smoothly.
Date:15.05.2023 – 20.06.2023
Sales:Helena Skrbič Sambolec
Damir Kralj
Franz List

The challenge

Other countries, other customs!

The experts from Prangl have already seen to the installation of thousands of wind turbines, though this was the first such assignment in Serbia. Prangl is a valued partner of the wind energy industry thanks to their know-how. The expertise of the yellow team is always welcome – especially when it comes to "new" markets.

Our solution

Serbia's first Chinese wind turbines

Electricity generation from wind power was still in its infancy in Serbia not long ago. These days, however, more and more people are turning to this sustainable energy source there as well. An increasing number of wind power plants are being planned and implemented – such as the Alibunar wind farm in the province of Vojvodina. Prangl Serbia was commissioned to erect the wind turbines. These are the first wind turbines in Serbia to have been supplied by a Chinese manufacturer. The first wind turbines with outputs of 3.3 megawatts were installed in May and June 2023.

600 tonne lattice boom crane

A 600 tonne lattice boom crane was the only solution for erecting the wind turbines, each with a hub height of 100 metres. This crane is not only perfect because of its tremendous strength. The low mobilisation costs and the fact that it is capable of being quickly moved from one stationary area to the next were also clear factors in favour of this giant from the yellow fleet. The giant crane was configured with a total system length of 120 metres. In total, the yellow colossus weighed in at 568 tonnes. The heaviest components to be lifted were the nacelles, each of which weighed 123 tonnes and were 11.4 metres long.

Pre-assembly of the rotor star

If the nacelle constituted the heaviest part of the wind turbine to lift, the positioning of the rotor star was the most difficult procedure. The three wind vanes in this wind farm were each pre-installed on the hub and lifted as one complete unit. Each of the three rotor blades is 81 metres long and weighs 19 tonnes, the hub alone 40 tonnes. This gave the star as a whole a diameter of 162 metres and a weight of 101 tonnes. The vane pre-assembly progressed with the help of a 100-tonne and a 95-tonne auxiliary crane: The rotor blades, which had already been installed, were each kept in equilibrium by an auxiliary crane until all three vanes were attached.

Lift with two auxiliary cranes

The final step was to hang the rotor star by the hub on the large crane, rotate it and lift it up: Two rotor blades were lifted in parallel by the auxiliary cranes – until the rotor star was suspended vertically. The connection to the auxiliary cranes was then released and the lattice boom crane slowly lifted the rotor star up to the height of the nacelle. After swivelling, the rotor star was able to be carefully brought closer to its final position on the nacelle and then mounted. The communication between the international teams worked very well. Thanks to Prangl, the construction of the first Chinese wind turbines in Serbia can therefore be regarded as a complete success.

Whatever the nationalities and cultures, excellent results can be achieved through good planning and communication.
Damir KraljProject Manager


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