January 2017

Two bridges

Two bridges were "assembled" on the Vienna central station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) premises.
Date:January 2017
Sales:Klaus Obertscheider

The challenge

Lifting heavy loads - Prangl’s day to day business 

The "Kempelenbrücke" and the "Hüttenbrennersteg" connect Vienna central station with Gudrunstraße. The "Kempelenbrücke" is the larger of the two and comprises four parts that were delivered from Germany. Prangl came into the game when the bridge was assembled because the company is the master when it comes to “lifting heavy loads”.

Our solution

A 500-tonne telescopic crane lifted up to 71 tonnes

A 500-tonne telescopic crane was used to lift and arrange the Kempelenbrücke segments on an assembly frame provided for this purpose. In order to be able to align the parts with individual lengths of 18 metres, individual widths of 7.10 metres and weights of 71 tonnes properly, they had to be lifted precisely onto the prepared frames.

Selecting the correct type of crane was essential

The process for the "Hüttenbrennersteg" is similar, and this is still to come. For this smaller bridge, only two segments of 55 tonnes each will be lifted onto the prepared frame parts. Once again, they will be aligned precisely and welded to form a single structure. Precise pre-planning and the lifting study enabled a concept that provided for only one crane type. This in turn enabled a low-cost project process.


The parts that are up to 71 t heavy and up to 18 m long were delivered separately from Germany. They were lifted into their final assembly points provided in a confined space.
Klaus ObertscheiderSales / Consulting


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