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Prangl and Still are now starting a group-wide cooperation in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia.

Wikipedia describes a cooperation as "a purposeful interaction of two systems in order to achieve a common goal". This strategic partnership aims to achieve nationwide market penetration.

Still is one of the leading suppliers of forklift trucks and intralogistics solutions. With around 9,000 employees worldwide and four production facilities in Germany, Italy and France, Still has enjoyed international success for many years. With its 6 locations in Austria and 10 in Central and Eastern Europe, Prangl significantly complements Still's network. Together they will harness synergies in various areas.

The cooperation will allow Prangl to access the entire Still product range (approx. 4,000 machines throughout Europe). By coupling technical knowledge, sales strength and equipment resources, new market entries can be facilitated and additional market opportunities tapped. The common goal is to increase capacity utilisation as well as achieve optimum compensation of equipment bottlenecks. This strategic partnership will significantly expand Prangl's fleet, not only in Austria but also in all companies located in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, the state-of-the-art technology can always be accessed. Almost all forklifts are offered with heated cabins.

Special operations can now be handled with greater efficiency. Thanks to access to Still's Europe-wide network, a large number of major projects can now be carried out simultaneously - and with the well-known Prangl quality. Of course, reaction times and flexibility will also increase on both sides. Both parties expect to gain additional customers over the medium term. Since both companies highly value customer satisfaction, maximising customer benefits is the explicit goal of this cooperation.

Emergencies are also covered: in addition to Prangl's state-of-the-art workshop network, access is now also available to Still's comprehensive service network (50 mobile technicians in Austria). In case of breakdowns, fast reaction times are therefore also ensured.

Austria's Best Suppliers

The trade magazine "Solid" asked: Who are the best suppliers for the construction industry and construction trades?

Every year, the readers of the "Solid" newsletter have the opportunity to vote for the top suppliers in the construction industry. Assessments are made using a 5-star system in different categories (production quality, timeliness, service & support, etc.).

Yet again Prangl have held their ground in the "Construction machinery" segment and have established themselves in the top 10. This confirms once again the applied philosophy of enhanced service quality.

Austria's Best Training Companies

Prangl is a family business that has had a special interest in training apprentices for generations.

We’re proud of the newest team members, of which many have been here for years and even decades, and can look back on an exciting and successful career in most cases.

Austria’s best training companies were certified by the “Great Place to Work” research network for the second time. On 26th June, a total of 11 training companies received the “Austria’s best training companies - recommended by apprentices” certificate in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Apprentices from all over Austria, their trainers and managers all came to receive the award and to tell the public why their company in particular is one of the best. Respectful co-operation was the most important thing for the young ladies and gentlemen.

Apprentices are able to give a particularly good judgement of what is done well and where there can be improvements. They are therefore the best jury. This honour spurs us on to continue our apprentice training initiatives in the future and to pay particular attention to stable structures, sound and committed training and integrating young people into everyday working life, particularly in these fast-changing times.

In The International Top Tier

Once more, Prangl has been recognized as belonging to the top companies in the international crane and work platform industry.

According to the trade publication ”International Cranes” the family business from lower Austria is among the best crane rental companies in the world. Coming in at 17, Prangl is the only representative from Austria in the top 25. The annual evaluation from the magazine ”Kran & Bühne” shows a similar picture. In the German-speaking regions, Prangl is among the top 5 crane rental corporations.

When it comes to the aerial work platform sector, the situation is equally pleasing. According to ”Kran & Bühne”, which awarded Prangl 6th place, Prangl is also top in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The industry journal ”International Rental News” also produces an annual ranking of the biggest rental companies in the world. This takes account of all types of rental businesses. Prangl is included on this list as well. Being no. 33 in the European category Prangl is the only Austrian representative.

ISO Certification

Prangl Slovenia and Prangl Croatia are now also fully certified.

All relevant certificates were confirmed within the framework of the annual TÜV monitoring audit in Slovenia. Furthermore, initial certification in Croatia was also successful. As such, the location is now also certified in accordance with SCCP 2011, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

The auditors had high praise for the further development of the management system in Slovenia. The integration of the two countries in a central quality management system is a further step towards greater integration of the CEE locations.

Trainer Trophy

The champions of apprenticeship training in Lower Austria have been distinguished by the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria.

The Trainer Trophy is awarded by the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKNÖ) to those companies that have successfully trained the most apprentices in proportion to their total number of employees in the last ten years. The award can be won each company every five years.

As in 2010, Prangl once again counts among these model companies. “You know what an outstanding training company is. Because you are one”, said WKNÖ President Sonja Zwazl at the ceremonial gala. In all, 21 companies were able to celebrate winning the Trainer Trophy in 2018.


Each year, Vienna honours awe-inspiring architecture - this time, the new Prangl headquarters outshines them all.

This year, high grade architectural projects completed in the past calendar year (i.e., 2017) were also reviewed by Municipal Department 19 (Architecture and Urban Design).

From the perspective of urban design, particularly innovative, inspiring and exemplary solutions were sought-after. Following the remit of the "Assessment", emphasis was placed on the external appearance and impact of the building in urban space.

The new Prangl corporate headquarters in Vienna 23 met this very criterion precisely. Architect Mascha of M&S Architekten received this prestigious award in the form of the so-called "Schorsch".

This notable award is not only an appreciation for the team of architects, but also a positive confirmation for the developers that one can experience the aesthetics of an appealing architectural design in the industrial and commercial sector as well.


More than 300 students visited the new Prangl headquarters in Vienna over the course of several information days.

The young ladies and gentlemen from the Vienna Business School in Akademiestraße and the Bundeshandelsakademie [commercial college] in the Wien 10 district, attained a comprehensive insight into the company. After a short company presentation by the company management, the students were able to "lay hands on" the machines themselves.

During a drive in a trailer they were able to get a feel for the spaciousness of the company site. Our young visitors were able to take a seat beside the driver in a heavy-haulage tractor and also take the controls themselves in a crane cab at the test site. As a last stop, there was an opportunity to ride up to a height of 50 metres with a truck-mounted work platform - a unique selfie opportunity!

Of course the students were also taken on a tour of the office areas in order to experience something of the intern places offered for the summer of 2018.

Despite the icy temperatures, the feedback was very positive, because as a school class it is a little out of the ordinary to get to know a company in such an up-close and personal way.

Alongside the information days described above, the third-year students from the Vienna Business School also had the opportunity to take part in a round-table discussion with Mr Christian Prangl. In a very lively exchange of ideas Mr Prangl described his career path whilst the students in turn talked about their experiences in the practice firm.

Make a wish!

To operate a real crane one day: That was the fervent wish of Mario Müller, which Prangl and Kleine Zeitung were delighted to fulfil.

Within the framework of the “Make a wish!” campaign run by Kleine Zeitung, the fervent wish of nine-year-old Mario Müller became a reality. The youngster longed to take a seat alongside the operator in a Prangl crane.

“Ever since he was three, Mario has shown an interest in large goods vehicles. His role model is his father, who operates loader cranes for a construction company. Every time we drive past Prangl on the motorway Mario tells me to look to my right, because he will be working there at some point”, explains his mother Monika.

The team at Prangl’s Styria depot were delighted to perform the role of Father Christmas and invited the primary school pupil and his family to an extended site visit.

The day became particularly exciting for Mario during a tour of the vehicle fleet. Almost like a pro, the small and bright nine-year-old technology enthusiast operated a 70-ton mobile crane with great concentration and shining eyes, and skilfully lifted a car tyre over a construction site cone and into its intended location after just a few attempts.

As the visit came to a close, little Mario was gifted an exclusive model of the 70-ton mobile crane, true to the original, as a special reminder of his adventure. Who knows, perhaps we will be seeing him again in a few years time. The Prangl team is certainly already looking forward to receiving Mario’s application as a trainee or crane operator.


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