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In the interntional top tier

Once more, Prangl has been recognized as belonging to the top companies in the international crane and work platform industry.

According to the trade publication ”International Cranes” the family business from lower Austria is among the best crane rental companies in the world. Coming in at 13, Prangl is the only representative from Austria in the top 30. The annual evaluation from the magazine ”Kran & Bühne” shows a similar picture. In the German-speaking regions, Prangl is among the top 5 crane rental corporations.

When it comes to the aerial work platform sector, the situation is equally pleasing. According to ”Kran & Bühne”, which awarded Prangl 7th place, Prangl is also top in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The trade publication ”Access International” places Prangl at no. 46 in its list of Europe´s largest platform rental companies.

The industry journal ”International Rental News” also produces an annual ranking of the biggest rental companies in the world. This takes account of all types of rental businesses. Prangl is included on this list as well. Being no. 35 in the European category Prangl is the only Austrian representative.

PTK 1000

Austria's most powerful telescopic crane is here!

Prangl is forging into a whole new dimension in cranes in Austria, with the world's most powerful road-going telescopic crane. The 9-axle PTK 1000 – with a 50-metre-long main boom – is able to reach almost any job site by road. With a maximum length of 163.5 metres, it was specially developed for major construction projects, wind farms, industrial installations, and high-rise projects.

On site, the PTK 1000 has the shortest setup time of any crane in its class. In addition, a wide range of extensions and attachments is available, all of which were designed for transport by semi-trailers or flatbed vehicles. This allows mobilisation costs to be minimised. One particular feature is that the main boom can be upgraded with a telescopic extension to reach a length of 100 metres. SSL technology increases the loading capacity for a variety of equipment and setup variants.

A variable steering system with active, speed-dependent, and electronically controlled rear-axle steering ensures outstanding manoeuvrability and directional stability – despite the vehicle's impressive length of just under 21 metres – as well as excellent handling on all terrain and road conditions. This brings the PTK 1000 into play in all situations. Prangl has already gained an impression of the PTK 1000 during its maiden deployment. At the Pretul wind farm (at 1,600 metres above sea level), 14 wind turbines are currently being installed. Prangl is the sole contractor for this project for all crane and logistics services. Take a look at the spectacular ascent of the PTK 1000.

The PTK 1000 offers an extreme number of different configuration options, and is ideally suited to performing a wide range of tasks – even in challenging conditions. Thus this crane offers just the versatility that a modern crane company like Prangl needs to meet the challenges of the market, both today and in the future. You can find more information on the PTK 1000 on the enclosed overview sheet.

PTK 1000

The mentioned data sheet only provides an overview. For more precise technical information, please contact your usual account manager, one of our local offices, or use our online query form.

AAA Validity

Excellent credit rating

The Bisnode Group is one of the leading providers of digital business information in Slovenia and has many years of experience in granting certificates of creditworthiness. During a periodic audit, the creditworthiness of Prangl d.o.o. has been rated as "AAA". This is the highest possible rating.

The excellent credit rating "AAA" represents the above-average financial strength of the company. Companies with this outstanding rating are distinguished by their above-average commercial performance.

The creditworthiness assessment is based on statistical models, which highlight the business capability of a company for the last three years and the current comparison period. This evaluates the security of business development in the coming months.

The certificate enables a company to be recognised as a trustworthy and reliable business partner and is used as a reference in business relationships with domestic and international business partners.

Prangl can use this abroad to demonstrate that it is one of the leading companies in this sector and that it can offer its customers reliable, long-term business capabilities.

ISO Certification

Prangl is now certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

For more than 15 years, Prangl has been annually certified in accordance with the SCCP (Safety Certificate Contractors) safety system with the highest endorsement, "P", which provides unlimited certification for petrochemicals. This is a European occupational safety and health management system that considers relevant environmental aspects for technical service providers and contractors that work in customers' industrial premises. Only those companies that can prove their high standards in the area of occupational, safety and environmental protection (SHE) are allowed to maintain this certificate.

Prangl also now has the latest quality and environmental certification. Together with SCCP safety management, Prangl therefore has a modern integrated management system (IMS) at the highest level. We are currently the company with the highest certification in the sector.

ISO 9001:2015 quality management is the basis for customer satisfaction. The clearly defined principles specify how we can continually align our focus more closely to our customers' requirements and expectations and, at the same time, not lose sight of important success factors such as internal communication or reducing errors. ISO 14001:2015 is an environmental management system that specifies a systematic framework for environmental protection and therefore helps to be able to react to changing environmental conditions in accordance with socio-economic requirements. Of course, this standard also pays special attention to legal and regulatory obligations.

The meticulous examination of the company lasts one whole year. Each line of business, each work process and each area of activity in the company is put under the microscope. The rigorous inspection by the TÜV was carried out at the start of June and took a week.


Prangl has its own YouTube channel, giving you a new way to keep up with all our latest news!

"A picture is worth a thousand words!” - so says the well-known, but no less valid proverb. In our fast-moving time, it is becoming ever more popular to be informed of developments and events in images. Especially for the many spectacular operations that are performed in our particular industry, this is the perfect form to bring our day-to-day closer to the general public.

Having already committed a wide range of impressive Prangl projects to film, we have now decided that these videos should also be published to our own YouTube channel.

In addition to films about our various projects (these are available as long and short versions) , you can also find a few “industry teasers” to provide a quick insight into the day-to-day world of Prangl.

We also have lots of fans, friends and interested parties outside of the company who keep producing their own fascinating videos detailing their own impressions of Prangl projects. These can also be watched at the Prangl-YouTube-Channel under the heading “Community”.

Toplift 2015

Every year international trade magazine International Cranes nominates the most spectacular crane operations of the previous 12 months.

This year, the ten most impressive crane lifts of 2015 were on the table. The top 3 are selected based on the votes of International Cranes readers, under the reputable "Toplift" name.

This year Prangl impressed the readers with a precise tandem lift in a Hungarian fertiliser factory, coming in in third place.

You can also read more about this project here in "Project of the Month / March 2015".


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