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Prangl goes green!

Prangl is expanding its fleet to include electric cars and scooters - and sending out a green signal in urban transport in particular.

The vehicles will now undergo thorough suitability testing at the locations in Vienna and Premstätten. If they prove their worth in daily operation, the vehicle pools at other depots will be receiving similar additions. “We think this will give us a solid alternative to our existing fleet of vehicles,” explains Christian Prangl. With parking in inner-city areas at a premium, the new additions are expected to make things easier thanks to improved mobility.

The electric scooters are powered by 12 HP and have an estimated range of roughly 130 km, while the 44 HP electric cars can achieve an expected range of 230 km when operated in a combined WLTP cycle, and 305 km in a WLTP urban cycle.

We welcome these sustainable additions to the fleet and look forward to the field reports in the weeks and months to come.


Prangl depends on highly qualified employees – for projects that go beyond national borders too.

Since April 2022, we have been using an app to hone our English skills. This is giving almost 50 members of staff the opportunity to further develop and improve their knowledge of English, which in turn should simplify and enhance communication, in particular on international construction sites. Because our customary high service standards should also be fully available to our global partners and customers on an international level.

Our employees are very satisfied with the app and have already experienced initial success in improving their skills. Sentiments like "it’s a pleasure to learn with the app!" can be heard frequently. The app is also doing well when it comes to user friendliness: "The app layout is excellent and everything is easy to understand!" And its practicality has also been confirmed: "The app works perfectly and I've been practising every day!"

We are delighted to have succeeded in making a valuable contribution to the qualification and further training of the Prangl team.

Safety first!

Moving into the future safely!

Wherever our special equipment and our experts are in use, new things are created or change happens. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of anchoring the topic of safety even more firmly in our pyramid of values. It is important to avoid every occupational accident and every case of damage.

With a large-scale information and training initiative for all our employees, which will last several years, we are charting the course for the future. "Safely!" is not only the HSE campaign, but above all the objective that it makes clear.

With certification according to recognised standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SCCP), we have been demonstrating our value-conscious attitude for years. With the new safety initiative, we want to show what is important to us far beyond the legal requirements: Communication at all levels, classroom training, e-learning modules, info videos and much more. The entire Prangl team is demonstrating that safety is a top priority.

Green Energy

From 1 January 2022, we will only be purchasing environmentally friendly electricity

The environment is close to our hearts. Gaining the Green Building certificate was an important first step in this direction, and it was followed by the next significant milestone - ISO 14001 certification. In 2022, we will also be introducing completely new electric telehandlers that will run under the "ECO" series.

In addition to all these measures, we will also be taking a further big step this year: All of our Austrian sites will be receiving their electricity from 100% renewable energy sources with immediate effect. This is also verified by an official certificate.

In this way, we wish to set an example in this area and make a small contribution to improving the global environmental situation.

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